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Another record of success for solar air heater

heat up DT> 65F

Date:  Saturday 12 January 2019

Time: 13h15. Location: Laval-Quebec( canada)  

Outside temperature ( Real Feel): 7F 

Air temperature: 17F

Weather: Blue sky& Sunny with little clouds.   

Another successful story to tell: 

The solar air @backyard for testing purposes raised the Air in-take  from 17F to 85 F on continuous basis for 35 minutes and settled down at 78F for 1 1/4 hour continuously, then gradually went down before the SunSet.

Raising the air more than 60F (difference in temp) in such hard conditions is a record of new success!   

actually this is another proof that Sundware solar air performs very well in harsh conditions! we are waiting the -40F to test and send the results. see you soon:) 


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