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May i call it Anti-storm solar air collector? this solar heater simply works @-25c , wawww!

How durable this solar air is? works under -25c, and tolerates -42c temperature this winter!!

It was an amazing experience with my sol-air 19+pv model this winter. I chose this model to heat my closed extention of backyard in autumn 2017 so i got it and kept it outdoor laid on a wall freely! we left for holidays mid december and came back early january, we were lucky to run far away from the multi-snowy storms passed by Quebec region end of december 2017! Temperature reached -30c for many days with real feel hit -42c. we were quite sure the solar air was damaged, I admit that we made mistake that we kept it loose, since the extention was not ready yet to install the solar air on it. Alhough it was covered by snow, The surprise was ,as soon as we clean it a little bit from the snow , we heard the soft noise of its fan running smoothly, its alive! :) 



Photos for the solar colletor before the storm in november ;

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