Shop and smile, keep the SUN paying your bills!

Revolution of solar air comes from ECO & PRO-MODELS 2018

the latest models are in the market serving USA & CANADIAN Clients!


WHATS NEWS HERE?! Simply they gather FOUR IN ONE!!


                           BEST QUALITY

                                                    THE AWESOME LOOK

                                                                                          &BEST PRICE  

1- ECO & PRO models come with a compact automized envelope with NO screws or riveting, they show the most wonderful compact appearance in the market. 

2- ECO& PRO models are 100% water / air airtight, tested and approved envelope( patent registered).  

3- Available in 12 VDC, can be easily converted to 120 V, or to any Solar PV 20 watt. 

4- PRO model comes with the full kit &accessories.  

5- the highest efficiency & the best  price in the Market! 


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